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At Buffalo Niagara Crating Service, we can pack and ship single household items or multiple items with professional care. Since 1989, we've specialized in estate, small move and individual furniture packing and shipping as well as assistance with local and national moves.

We will handle your heirlooms, paintings,  partial household, pallets of furniture, or office with care.

  • We will arrange to pick up, pack and ship items via our preferred air, ground, and ocean carriers.
  • We will provide supplies, packing and shipping expertise, and deliver all belongings securely.
  • Use Mississauga Crating Service for all your packing and shipping needs.


Estate shipping can be, by its very nature, a stressful endeavor. Let Buffalo Niagara Crating Service estate shipping services help ease some of the strain of your relative's passing or downsizing. Trusted among moving companies, our experts will come directly to the home, expertly package the items for you, and then ship those items to multiple destinations with the care and gentleness that you yourself would use in this delicate situation. Antiques, documents, jewelry and furniture will all be handled with the utmost concern and sensitivity, and you will rest assured that your loved one's mementos and keepsakes will be treated with the respect they deserve by one of the most trusted moving companies in the business.

We'll custom fit boxes and supplies for oddly-shaped furniture, and make sure fine china and memorabilia arrive damage-free anywhere in the world. You know that each of the Mississauga Crating Service is stocked with all of the packaging and shipping supplies your estate shipping situation might need, but each Packaging Store is also stocked with something more important: people just like you. We understand what a difficult task estate shipping can be. When we come into your relative's home, it isn't simply "to get the job done." We want to treat you as we would like to be treated during our own hard times: with courtesy and respect.