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Packing and Shipping Artwork

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Fine Art Shipping Crates

The safe travels of fine art is sometimes difficult to guarantee. From finding the right packaging, building the most durable crate, or choosing the best and most reliable mode of transportation, fine arts handling can prove to be a big chore. Buffalo Niagara Crating Service takes pride in doing the job for you and doing it well!

At Buffalo Niagara Crating Service, we understand that keeping your valuable, and many times irreplaceable, fine arts collections safe and secure during transit is very important.

Antiques, sculptures, and family heirlooms included, Buffalo Niagara Crating Service, welcomes the opportunity to assist private parties, galleries and museums with choosing a crating and packaging solution to meet your needs. 

Whether you have a one time shipment, travel from show to show, or just need to properly store your fine art, Buffalo Niagara Crating Service will get you moving.