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We have specialized in preparing, packing, repouring, storage and shipping.

We are a family business. We have been a leader in providing consulting and / or the complete packaging service needs to untrained individuals. Members of the freight forwarding and manufacturing sectors call on our expertise in this field. With the constantly changing transportation of dangerous goods regulations, our DOT, IATA and IMDG consultants are kept updated regularly by ICC Compliance Center.
Our industry reputation is that we know dangerous goods regulations. Our knowledge comes from 25 years of practical experience dealing directly with dangerous goods and liaising with airlines, IMDG Sea, and freight forwarders. This experience allows us to anticipate potential problems, and provides insight into how to get your freight to its destination without delays .Saving – costs associated with DGP shipping add up quickly – training your staff, packaging, labeling, stocking inventory and keeping up to date on the ever changing regulations, as well as costs associated with delayed and rejected shipments.

In-House Sample Management

Companies face various challenges when it comes to sample distribution, this leaves a number of reasons to take advantage of the services offered by DGP. Here are a few examples of how the chemical sample distribution division can benefit your business.

Dangerous Goods Packing Solutions:

•BNC can stock your chemical samples onsite, leaving them readily available for BNC personnel to repour, package, label and ship your samples wherever you need them, whenever you need them.

• Time is your most valuable asset. BNC employs full-time personnel devoted to sample distribution, which can be very time consuming. By leaving it to BNC, your workforce can tackle other products to keep your business growing and flourishing.

• Regulations, especially when it comes to products deemed hazardous are no laughing matter. To help your company avoid risking hefty fines for infractions, the thoroughly trained and highly skilled staff at BNC are more than qualified to make sure your ship to their destinations quickly, safely and within federal regulations.

The images are only a few general examples of how the chemical sample distribution and logistics division can benefit chemical manufacturers and shippers, but if any apply to your company, consider contacting us for quotes and further information!

Our satisfied customers appreciate the chemical sample distribution division because it reduces overall sample distribution cost while increasing sample shipment efficiency.

Chemical sample distribution offer a variety of benefits for businesses, and depending on their needs, companies utilize certain services more than others. There are, however, absolutes. Standards of service within this division that BNC promises to each and every customer.

• 24 hour shipment response
• Product receipt
• Customized sample packaging
• Global air express shipping
• Complete domestic and export documentation
• Strict compliance to transportation regulations
• Clear communication between sample recipient and shippers
• Shipment tracking
• Personalized customer service follow up

Stock Pails, Labels and paperwork

IBC's storage to help with Samples

Comply with GHS labels