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 Air Freight and Air Cargo Shipping Services Worldwide

About our Air Freight Services and Airfreight Cargo Transport & Deliveries.

Buffalo Niagara Crating and Hazmat Packaging and Supplies are the experts in organizing the fastest and most efficient means of air freight transport to all destinations worldwide. Air cargo deliveries, door to door from the Canada to destinations worldwide. We are Airfreight Forwarding Agents and carriers.
We offer a comprehensive air freight service:

  • Direct air freight and air cargo shipments - next flight out!
  • Consolidated air freight – air transport to all major destinations
  • Door-to-door - any weight to any international destination
  • Air Trans-shipments & temporary imports
  • Complete Documentation, labeling & marking
  • Wooden Packing, crating & packing making for complete protection
  • Local Ground transportation & warehousing
  • Dangerous & Hazardous goods transport
  • Daily departures from Toronto airport
  • Economy and Express service options
  • Door to Door and  Door to Airport
Hazardous Materials and General freight

Increasingly stringent restrictions on the types of goods that can travel by air mean an additional headache for shippers.

Our expertise in dealing with dangerous goods allows us to undertake collection, packing to IATA standards and dispatch by air - all in the same day if need be.

Our fully-qualified and certified staff are familiar with all types of dangerous goods, including pyrotechnics, paints, chemicals, adhesives and compressed gasses.

We are truly the experts when it comes to custom packagings and crating, fragile, large, items including Dangerous Goods, Electronics, lithium batches, computers, servers, artworks and antiques.

We specialist in providing the right type of packaging for any item to protect your shipment.

You don’t need to shop around for the best way to send your package because BNC are your one-stop shop. We ship with partners including FedEx, UPS, DHL and Air Canada. Rest assured we’ll find the best solution for you.

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